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The Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of polka music, the happiest sound around.


The Cleveland-Style polka has its roots in Slovenian folk music, but the influence of American musicians has given it universal appeal and popularity. Just as English and Irish music has evolved into country music, the polka represents the music of central Europe.


The Polka Hall of Fame and Museum is located in the Shore Cultural Center in Euclid, Ohio, in close proximity to the Collinwood neighborhood where leading polka musicians lived such as Frankie Yankovic, Johnny Vadnal, Johnny Pecon and Eddie Habat. The Museum has free admission and is open four days a week.


The American Slovenian Polka Foundation, which operates the Museum, was founded in 1987. A volunteer board of trustees is elected by the present 1600 members. The trustees represent all segments of polka music, including musicians, promoters, cultural societies, disc jockeys, and button accordion players.


During Thanksgiving weekend, the Polka Hall of Fame produces an annual awards show. Members vote for annual categories such as Recording of the Year, Lifetime Achievement recipients, and the all-time greates polka hits among others. The honorees receive a Crystal Award trophy. The Lifetime Achievement award is the highest honor presented and includes enshrinement in the Polka Hall of Fame.


As a nonprofit organization, the Polka Hall of Fame and Museum relies on fundraising for its financing.




Musical exhibits, historic photographs, celebrity accordions, Polka Hall of Fame Portrait Gallery.


The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame Museum is filled with artifacts and memoribilia from polka stars of yesterday and today. Some of the highlights include America's Polka King, Frank Yankovic's accordion and stage outfits, Johnny Pecon's accordion and Cleveland's Polka King, Johnny Vadnal's accordion along with many other items. Within these walls you will also find memoribilia dating back to the turn of the century as well as information on those who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Within these walls, you can trace the development of the Cleveland-Style polka beginning in 1900, through each decade to the present. There is a special place dedicated to Lifetime Achievement Honorees, the Trustees Honor Roll and the Greatest All-Time Hit Songs. The museum has also established an archive library and video collection of polka history.


Celabrate America's Good-Time Music at the The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum.

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The American-Slovenian Polka Foundation promotes and preserves Cleveland-Style Polka and the rich Slovenian cultural heritage from whitch it evolved throughout North America.


Reconizing and honoring the artists, individuals and organisations who have made invaluable contribution to this heritage. Accumulating and exhibiting Cleveland-Style Polka artifacts and audibly preserving and presenting the various stages of this musical development.


As a nonprofit organization, the Polka Hall of Fame and Museum relies on fundraising and memberships.


The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame Museum is always looking for new members. As a member, you will recieve a newsletter with all the latest Cleveland-Style Polka news, 10% discount at our museum gift shop, and more.


Members can nominate individuals for the ballot.


Members vote for nominees (Awards presented at November Awards Show


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