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Artist of the Month  ♫ Matt Hoyer ♫

September 2017


Matt Hoyer

Lifetime Achievement Recipient

National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame

Inducted in 1988




Matt Hoyer

1891 - 1960


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Hoyer Trio

Recording from 78 RPM Record

Born in Slovenia in 1891, Matt came to the U.S. and settled in Cleveland in 1911. Applying the skills he learned in Slovenia, he continued to build, repair and tune accordions in America. But his crowning achievement was the Hoyer Trio and its legacy which to this day has directly or indirectly influenced virtually all Slovenian, Cleveland-Style Polka musicians.


Performing primarily in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, the Hoyer Trio was the first Cleveland-Style Polka band to “go commercial.” Taking our music far beyond the range of his Model T (later Model A) transportation, the Hoyer Trio began recording for the Victor Talking Machine Company and Okeh Records. Thus, Cleveland-Style Polka began traveling across the nation’s airwaves, were disseminated to music lovers everywhere, and gained legitimacy as an art form outside the strict boundaries of Slovenian ethnic heritage.


One of the Hoyer Trio’s biggest selling dics was “Dunaj Ostane Dunaj,” a polka derived from the German-Austrian march “Vienna Forever.” Cleveland-Style Polka musicians, on the other hand, simply call it Hoyer’s polka.” Among the many popular polkas and waltzes adapted from Hoyer renditions are “Jack on St. Clair,” “Patricia’s Waltz,” “Bartender’s Polka,” and a host of others.


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